Rick Myers

An Excavation / A Reading (Before the Statue of Endymion), 2013 – excerpt
Video and sound
3m 15s
Commissioned by the Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens.
In collaboration with the Acropolis Restoration Service – Ministry of Culture and Sports, Athens; off-cut fragments of recently quarried, protected Pentelic marble were obtained from the work-site of the Parthenon renovation. Using the powdered marble fragments, the text of a single translation of the C.P. Cavafy poem Before the Statue of Endymion was rendered legible upon a membrane suspended above audio speakers. Sound waves from the reading of an alternate translation of the same poem gradually obliterated the visible rendering of the text. Another translation of the same poem was rendered in-place of the previous version, while another juxtaposing translation was read aloud – and so on.
Read by Peter Gizzi.