Rick Myers

Mirror Feedback Section

Mirror | Feedback | Section (2009)

Book resulting from a performance – forming part of The Classroom. A series of events
organized by David Senior at the New York Art Book Fair, MoMA PS1, 2009

The word MIRROR was written on one side of a plywood board using carbon paper. One side of a triangular piece of glass was blackened with smoke until opaque / reflective on its opposite side. | FEEDBACK was written on the plywood board. The reflective side of the glass was blackened with smoke – so opaque black on both sides. | SECTION was written on the board. The smoked glass was placed inside a folded sheet of paper, which was subsequently placed between both the board with the text and another plywood board. The front was hit hard with a sledgehammer – smashing the glass and printing an impression from the carbon on both sides of the glass simultaneously. The boards and the folded sheet of paper were bound using tape, the text forming the front of the book.

Plywood, paper, smoke, glass debris, masking tape
Dimensions 34 x 23 cm

Mirror Feedback Section