Rick Myers

Study with BEFORE following AFTER

Study with BEFORE following AFTER (2010)

Sooted paper with soundwaves of the words “AFTER”, “BEFORE”, “AFTER” having been
spoken aloud and transcribed using a Phonautograph. The Phonautograph is the earliest
known device for directly transcribing sound. Patented by Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville
in 1857. He used it to demonstrate sounds displacement of air, by visibly transcribing sound
without an intention or a means of audio playback. The device consists of a horn that focuses
sound waves onto two membranes with a hogs bristle attached to act as a stylus. The first known
transcriptions were made in 1853 – 1854 to sooted glass. Martinville’s transcriptions were
first made audible in 2008 using a “digital stylus”.

Alcohol sealed sooted paper with etched soundwaves
Dimensions 55 cm x 6 cm