A Bullet for Buñuel

A Bullet for Buñuel encompasses a body of research works that are synthesized in a paperback book published by Primary Information, New York.

The project is based on my protracted attempt to realise an undertaking that the late filmmaker, Luis Buñuel, was deemed too powerful to achieve. In a story told by once-surrealist Georges Sadoul, Buñuel tried to create a bullet possessing such a weak charge that it would be able to slide ‘harmlessly’ off the filmmaker’s clothes when fired at him but instead, he had highly charged results.

Consulting with the Buñuel Estate and sources ranging from online forums for bullet makers to a ballistics lab associated with the United States Secret Service, I sought to make the low velocity bullet that Buñuel had been too powerful to create.

My notion was that I would use this bullet as a device to animate a shirt that had been worn by the filmmaker. While trying to bring this two-year endeavor to completion I was able to achieve failure upon failure.

Performative lecture, screening and book launch: Printed Matter, NY, 2017
Performative lecture and screening: LA Art Book Fair at MOCA, LA, 2015
Reading: Blonde Art Books Book Tour at Silent Barn, Brooklyn, 2013
Performative lecture: Yod, Florence MA, 2013
Performative lecture: MoMA Library, NY, 2013