While Blinking Repeatedly

While Blinking Repeatedly is a performative text installation and removal, the solicitation of a performance by a reader, a book, a slide-projection installation, and a partially destroyed cast-metal typeface with smoke residue.

The text is stamped directly to a wall using 72-point cast-metal printing type. Each letter (approximately one inch high) is smoked using a candle then individually stamped with a hammer leaving a black carbon residue debossed in its place. Installation of the complete text takes roughly 18 hours and after the duration of its exhibition the text is removed using sandpaper. The impetus of the work is the engagement solicited of the reader, combined with formation of the smoke, via the text, to the wall, later becoming a fine airborne powder.

Exhibition: Dresden, 2015
Solo Exhibition: White Columns, NY, 2009

Request to view in special collections at
University of Art Chicago
Stanford University
Harvard University
UC San Diego
UC Santa Barbara
MoMA Library
Boston Atheneum